Is social media doing me more harm than good?

I often find myself posting a Snapchat story and deleting it within the hour, along with this I often delete Instagram posts/tweets if I look at them too often and they just go ‘bleh’. I stopped posting on Facebook due to me wanting to hide away from people who I wish didn’t know of my existence and it was easier to just become inactive rather than going on a time-consuming deleting spree.

I do actually really enjoy social media, twitter and Instagram being my favorites, maybe that’s because I only follow people who are actually a part of my life / post good content. I mean, sometimes I want to delete it all. Not in a depressed ‘I don’t want the world to know of my existence’ way, but it’s nice to go dark for a while. I applaud people who are able to share their life on social media and post content on a day-to-day basis, or those who don’t second guess everything they post; I wish I was like that. However,  I am getting better at my social media presence though. Currently I’ve made it to 128 posts on my Instagram and I don’t find myself deleting my tweets as often anymore, which is good I suppose. I also started this blog and promote the links to each post on all social media I have (apart from Facebook).

The thing is, some days I loathe social media and it irritates the hell out of me, yet I still find myself checking it. I would love to delete everything for a while and go dark, but I have this overwhelming fear that I’ll miss out, which is completely stupid I know. Maybe I’ll delete it during my exam period. I am going away for a few days this week so maybe I’ll just stay off it then for a little head space. There are tons of pros and cons to social media, and regardless of what you use it for, I think a break from time to time is beneficial, and I don’t necessarily mean deleting it, I mean by not checking it so frequently or even going dark for a day or two! Something which I will be doing more often. Although, I’m determined not to go on a deleting spree of my wonderful Instagram feed that I have filled with lovely memories.

I’m not really sure what the purpose of this blog post was, maybe it was just a little rant that I wanted to get out of my head. I’m also determined to keep this blog going and it’s definitely something I never second guess posting online. I’m currently writing a blog post about my trip to France, however it may mostly turn into a ‘review in pictures’ kinda thing since I did end up taking like 500. What can I say, I love taking photos!  So watch this space.


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