Half arsed update!

Hellooooo people of the internet! Apologies for not updating my blog for months! I don’t know why I haven’t posted, but I’ve written at least 3 blog posts since then, all of which are in my drafts ready to be edited and uploaded. Although, they will probably not make the cut and never appear on my page, boo.

Anyway’s this blog post wasn’t gonna be an update on me and my life (which is 99% of my blog) but I was going to post an article I got published yesterday, but instead I shall link it here. I mean, how cool does this look?
Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 12.03.47In other news, I did get into University to do English Literature, butttt 2 weeks into my course I changed and now I’m a BA Sociology student! I swore to myself I’d use this reading week (which has now come to an end) to catch up on the work I missed prior to the course and the work I missed from absent days, but I have yet to do any of those things. It’s okay tho, I still have all of today, tonight and tomorrow…right? I’m sure it’ll be fine. I already want the Christmas holidays to come but hey ho.

In other news, since my last blog post I GOT SOME TATTOOS LADS! AND I LOVE THEM! Abigail got two new ones too!! Honestly, the pain was okay and they look amazing so I’m very happy with them! Me and Abigail also celebrated our one year anniversary and she made me the cutest photo album thingy and I CRIED, IT WAS SO CUTE. I’m pretty sure I didn’t do a holiday post either but Amsterdam was amazing! I shall add a few pics at the end methinks.

I also have some exciting things happening in November, me and Abigail are going to see a film two weeks before its release, It’s my birthday! and we’re also going out for another friends birthday too!! I find November to be a bit dull, but Christmas is round the corner so it’s not all doom and gloom. With Abigail being in second year, having a weekend job and doing a uni placement, and me in uni nearly everyday our schedules are a bit full and hard to match up, our reading weeks wasn’t even the same so I would like Christmas to come along now so I can eat nice food and binged TV with her and our families.

I’m feeling good within myself touch wood , reading back on a draft titled ‘gloomy’ I couldn’t say the same a few weeks ago. One of the reasons I write, not just my blog posts but generally write and take pictures, it’s to remember how I felt and how I was at a certain point. They both help me feel, transport me back into that specific moment so I can understand what I was feeling; half the time it’s like ‘thank fuck that’s over’. I don’t think any one feeling is the same, I think you have a new experience of it every time, along with a new way of dealing with it. Right now, I feel good, and I’ll look back on this blog post and remember how badly I am procrastinating, and maybe feel slightly guilty but that’s it. This blog post took a somewhat deep turn lmao, but now I shall go and sit at my desk for 5 hours watching Louis Theroux. Also, I highly recommended Grace and Frankie on Netflix, me and Abigail love it.

If you follow me on my social media you’ll get regular updates and more insight into the things I’ve mentioned, otherwise this blog post will be about 10 pages long, maybe I should actually update when things happen.

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T-minus 20 days till my first exam.

HAPPY MAY! I would like to start this post of with something like ‘the sun is shining and life is stress free’ but unfortunately, this is not the case. The sun is well, non-existent and I still find myself wearing jumpers it’s that cold.  For me personally, well actually any student, the worst time of the year has finally come around and I’m dreading it. My exams start in 20 days and my last one isn’t until the 29th of June, K I L L M E N O W.  My school fantastically decided to make us do some mock exams last week, which has led my revision to go awol and me completely freaking out. Although my results has somewhat put me at ease and reassured me that whatever i’m doing to revise is actually working. I also found out last week that I got an A in my English Literature coursework so yay, go me!!

My revision however for my exams coming at the end of May/June is not looking promising, I’m hoping that somehow all this crap content goes into my head and stays there for literally 2 hours while I take the exam and then I can finally breathe again. My first A2 exam is sociology, a subject in which is not looking hopeful for me right now. It kinda sucks how these stupid A-level reforms means none of my AS grades count, even though I only did sit one but it would’ve seriously benefited my sociology grade right now, thanks Michael Gove you dick.

I only have 3 weeks left of school, 15 days to be exact and it’s terrifying. No idea where the last 7 years of my life has gone and nor do I remember half the things I’ve learnt. I am rather excited to be leaving, the concept of going somewhere new and studying one thing that I enjoy in detail is scary but also FUN. It’s weird that I won’t see my friends on a day-to-day basis anymore. I’m staying in London for Uni but some of them are moving out and going miles away. It’ll be weird how everyone will just disperse from school and do their own thing after being trapped in a system for so long, it’s so bizarre to me. I 100% think I’m finding myself more now that I know I’m leaving school, as cliché has that sounds. I’m putting myself out there more, going for job interviews, actually working, signing up for various things to do in the summer, and just generally putting more care into everything I do as I know that it’ll have an impact on my life. I can’t wait till exams are finally over so I can clear all the school related junk from my room and finally have some space, and also clear my camera roll that’s full of picture of slide shows, text books and various school related images. I can’t wait to have a cleanse and start fresh, I  AM EXCITED. Lets see if I make it past my A-levels yet, thinking about results day makes me feel SICK.