Exam Free, Pride, Headbanging and more!

It’s currently a gloomy rainy Saturday afternoon and to my surprise I only awoke from my slumber around an hour ago. Rationale is filling the air around me and life has taken a somewhat slow pace right now, allowing me to breathe and create some head space. I feel like a sitting duck waiting for my holiday to come around; which is now only 10 days away. Between now and then I only have two things planned, a poetry evening and the theater . I suppose I should be using my time to arrange my clothes and prep for my holiday, but realistically I’ll deal with all that the day before due to who I am as a person.

This is the first blog post I have written without having to abandon some sort of work or responsibility, which feels weird but also I’m loving it! Since I last wrote, my head stills feels full but I’m nowhere near as stressed as I was while sitting my exams, which is expected really. I’ve done loads of cool things since my exams ended, some of them deserve their own post (aka pride) but I shall condense them into little sections.



I’m going to class this pride as my first pride, I’ve been once before this year but I only followed about 20 minutes of the parade as I just happened to stumble upon it and didn’t even know it was taking place, fake gay right? Buuttt, this year was different and incredible!! Of course I went with Abigail and we met Sophie during the day and spent the remainder of the day in Trafalgar Square, singing, dancing and just enjoying the atmosphere! The day went so smoothly apart from Abigail forcing us to get off the tube early to wee and then again queuing for what felt like forever in Starbucks toilets for the loo. I arrived at Pride pretty drunk, but after a lot of weeing, pictures and queuing to get into pride, my drunkenness had faded but I was still happy as ever. It’s so nice to see such a big community come together, Pride always makes my insides mushy and makes me smile with joy as I see rainbows plastered all of London. It makes me incredibly proud to be who I am and makes me feel grateful for being able to participate in Pride, grateful that I am out and have I’m in a very gay relationship which I don’t have to hide. Lots of pride pictures at the end of the blog!! It’s honestly so hard and time-consuming trying to nicely add pictures in on this website, so apologies they’re always attached at the end.

Other bits I’ve been up to

The rest of July so far has also been treating me well and has given me lots of things to do! I’ve visited the superhero cafe, something which I would not recommend. Abigail managed to make a deal with her brother and he gave us two freak-shake vouchers he had. If you don’t know what a freak-shake is, it’s basically a glorified milkshake. Anywho, we also decided to get food at this place too, bad mistake. The milkshake was awful and tasted nothing like the ingredients that was meant to be in it, the food tasted weird and the tables were sticky and the staff were rude and unapproachable (I suddenly feel like I’m doing a TripAdvisor review) . It’s alright though, the day didn’t end in doom and gloom, we both popped to Westfield and had a little fun shopping. Abigail bought a ‘you grow girl’ cactus shop from Topshop. In fact, we saw a girl in the exact same top yesterday, to which Abigail reacted and said ‘I look cuter in it’ which is true. However, apart from disappointing food,  I also went out clubbing with my friends. I mean, where we went I wouldn’t exactly class as a club, more of a bar in the daytime which turns its lights off and turns into a club in the evening? hmm. This night was filled with £1.50 student night drinks, terrible dancing and memories to last a lifetime. Let’s just say, the hangover in the morning was worth it. Apart from binge drinking, I have also turned into a oh I’ll just have a drink or two while I’m at *insert event* kinda person. The other week, I popped down to the Secret Comedy Club (which was free) with Abigail, Sophie and Jas to see an improv group, one I have seen before, but erm let’s just say they are better in small doses rather than a two-hour show. The interval left me running to the bar for a drink or two, I still find it bizarre that I’m of legal age to buy alcohol and other restricted items, even though I’m not closer to being 19 than 18; so bloody weird. I wonder why I also end up at such strange events that majority of people wouldn’t even think about going to. Often, I find myself scrolling through the events page on Facebook looking at things to go to, most of the time I just mark interested and never think of it again, but more recently me and Abigail end up going, go us!

You’ve probably come to wonder why the title of the blog post is ‘Headbanging’. Well folks, Abigail banged her head on wall in her house and we ended up at A&E for around 5 hours, fun (!). In the end, she was okay but it was better to be safe then sorry. The time flew by, mostly because me and Abigail never know when to shut up around each other. There was also a rather interesting women in the waiting room with us, who kept us engaged in a conversation that didn’t involve us. Seeing Abigail smack her head on a wall running away from a bee in her house made my stomach turn, I hate seeing people in pain. The other week Abigail got her cartilage pierced and I nearly passed out from the blood and the general sight of pain in her face. Moral of the story, don’t run from bees, simply speed walk away, much safer.

Apologies for this post being so long! I’m still not sure what the purpose of this blog is, I think I’m going to start doing more blog posts surrounding issues maybe or reviews and generally make it more bloggy, if that makes sense. I’m currently reading a book called ‘The Man Who Couldn’t Stop Thinking’. A book that is making me feel very validated and I’m growing more attached to it page by page. Maybe I’ll finish before I go on holiday and write a little review.

I hope July is treating everyone well!


What I got up to in April! / Concert Review

Hellooooo!! Another post already? Lucky you lot. So, as I said in my March concert review post, I had two concerts in April, which were super, super fun so I thought I’d give you all a little review as promised.

Firstly, was Dua Lipa. This was my valentines gift from Abigail, since we both love singing stupidly along to her songs it’d would’ve been a waste not to see her. The concert was also in half term, which was very well planed on Abigail’s side of things. Now, she doesn’t exactly have an album out but rather she has about 5 or something songs on Spotify/Apple Music so I didn’t really know what to expect on her set list. She did sing some songs I didn’t really know nor are they coming out of her album she’s releasing so…lucky us I guess? Anyway, first things first, the dancing at this concert was something else. WHY DO PEOPLE SWING EVERY SINGLE LIMB THEY HAVE AROUND WHEN THEY DANCE? honestly, in a concert setting where 1) I can’t move away from you so I’m forced to dodge you’re flying limbs, 2) nor can I stop watching your awful dancing. It was honestly captivating. The concert itself was actually really good! I had a really nice time singing along to cheesy pop songs and laughing away the night. The stage set up was also super cool and pretty, I genuinely think I have an obsession with neon lights, but they’re so expensive to buy?! so I guess I’ll just fuel my obsession by taking pictures of them instead. The venue was Shepard’s Bush Empire, somewhere I hadn’t been before and it was nice finally going to a new concert venue, although it was somewhat a nightmare to get to as the central line broke down on the way there and would’ve left us somewhat stranded, luckily for us it was working again within 20 minute aka we were saved from the scenic route. The acoustics of the venue we’re amazing, especially when she did her stripped back stuff, which had a very intimate feel!! Overall, it had a really nice time and I would recommend seeing her if you want to spend your evening singing pop songs and letting your hair down.

Secondly, was Rationale. Now, this guy is AMAZING. I first saw him when he supported Bastille back in November 2016, and even though I didn’t know who he was nor did majority of the crowd, he still managed to get the crowd going and singing the words to his songs, they’re just so catchy. So, obviously we had to go and see him again. This time, it was at the Electric Brixton; another venue I hadn’t been to before. (check me going to all these new places #coolgirl). The show was amazing, it is definitely up there with one of the best concerts I’ve been to. Like Dua Lipa, he doesn’t really have many released songs on Spotify or Apple Music so again, I didn’t really know what to expect. Although, he is really good at getting the crowd dancing and singing along, something which I was doing throughout the concert. It honestly sounded amazing in there and the crowd was so loud and it was so cute to see that he went from supporting Bastille to playing his own venue in Brixton, massive achievement in my opinion and he even teared up as he walked off stage which pulled at my heart-strings. Hopefully he’ll release a full album soon and come back to London, I would recommend seeing him for a casual night out, because it really is worth it!

Apart from just the concerts, April was a really good month! Me and Abigail went away for a few days also in half term which was super cute and the weather was really nice too. WE ALSO BOOKED A HOLIDAY YESTERDAY TO AMSTERDAM AND I AM SO EXCITED. It’s not till August tho so I shall just wait patiently. It’s also a week before results day so lols at least I have something to take my mind off impending doom. We are also going to see Bastille in a couple of weeks, which is a little intimate charity show in a church, how exciting! (watch out for the concert review). Abigail also planned a surprise date for the day after rationale, I’m surprised she kept it a secret tbf. We went to the Cereal Killer Cafe and also went to see some goats and it was a really cute day!! One more exciting thing in April was that me and Abigail celebrated our 6 months anniversary!! We went to SOAS University to see a charity screening of Moonlight, and I understand why it won best picture (or something like that) and the plot was really good too! Although, I feel like it was a bit anti-climatic and the ending left me kinda like ?? but it was still good nonetheless. Overall, April was a really good month and now I just wish it was the end of June so I could have more fun instead of procrastinating revision and feeling guilty for it, I type this as I’m abandoning a history essay lol, but yes this will probably be the last blog for a while but bear with me!!


So, currently as I’m writing this, I have two major things that need to be done, yet I am putting them off with a little blog post. The first thing is my History coursework, which I literally have today to write 2500 words, in a topic I have no clue about nor do I know if I’m even meeting the criteria with my sources, oh well lols. The other thing is packing for France (EXCITING). I’m off to France for a few days on school trip which I’m super excited about but also super nervous for. In fact, yesterday I was at A&E (shout out to Tanya for sitting with me) getting seen at an out of hours GP trying to get antibiotics for a throat infection that my body decided to pick up right before my little get away (thanks for that, much appreciated). Touch wood, my throat seems to be doing much better and I can actually talk and swallow now. Shout out to our amazing NHS service.

Since it’s now Spring (HAPPY SPRING FOLKS) the sun has been shining a lot more recently, which is doing wonders for my mood, and since the clocks went forward last night it means we get longer days!! I’m a bit apprehensive about April literally being a week away. It means my exams are fast approaching, something I’m not ready for at all. My Easter half term starts really early this year for some reason, so I have the first two weeks of April off, but in actual fact, apart from a little break away with Abigail for a few days in the first week, I’m in school literally everyday for a revision session. I also have two concerts in April, so watch out for a little review on those.

At this point, I’m just longing for school to be over and exams to be done, I mean I haven’t even started revising yet but I really do hope these next two months fly by, with me being productive during them obviously. I mean, in May my fun has been vetoed, aka I should be revising everyday. It really bugs me how some of the best things are happening before / during my exams, like bro?? It bugs me that I’m gonna have to wait till July to watch Orange Is The New Black, I’ll literally have to delete twitter and tumblr due to spoilers.

Overall, I’d say March has been a pretty eventful month,It feels like it’s literally flown by but at the same time it feels like its been March for ages, weird. Not only did I go the concerts I reviewed, but it was also a friend’s birthday and me and my friends had a little get together for it and I got way too drunk for my own good, is probably why I’m ill actually. Me and Abigail also went to see Hedda Gabler at the national theatre, a play which I had never heard of before. It was actually really good, I’d give it about 7/10. The acting was very good and the plot was easy to understand. I just thought it was a bit long, I mean there was an interval but I have an attention span of a fish sometimes. Although it was a cute little date night. School wise, March has been unproductive. I did go to a sociology conference on a trip that was somewhat helpful. The place was also really aesthetically pleasing too, which led me to take shit tons of pictures of literally everything. Honestly, I take pictures of literally everything nowadays and It’s so nice to go through my camera roll and to see what I was doing each day etc, It’s a nice little visual diary. I would recommend taking pictures more often, take pictures of thing you love, cool things you see that capture your eye, or literally take a selfie or a picture of your food. A snap a day will create a little photo diary which you can review and make yourself feel good about your life (aka what I do).

I guess I’ll attempt my history coursework now so here are some pictures I took in March, enjoy!





March Concerts!

Yes I know, March is nowhere near over yet but all the concerts I had planned for the month are over (I say all as if I’ve had one everyday but in reality there’s been 3 which happened over the course of two weeks). All the concerts I plan to go to normally all bundle into a few weeks which leaves my mum with a confused expression when I tell her I’m off to a concert for the second time that week.

The first concert I attend was with Abigail and Amina M, and it was Lucy Spraggan at KOKO in Camden. Now, most people know Lucy from the X Factor with her most poIMG_3151pular songs being ‘Tea and Toast’ and ‘Last Night’ (beer fear) and I must admit, until Abigail reintroduced me, I hadn’t listen to her since. Anywho, the supports for Lucy was Katie London and The Dunwells, I can’t really comment on them as I had never heard of them before the concert nor do I remember much of
their set due to being a little bit tipsy, but they were good!! The Dunwells actually came back on stage during one of Lucy’s songs which was pretty cool and they sounded great!! Lucy’s setup was pretty simple, a neon light in the back in green which had her initials ‘LS’ and the majority of the time it was her and her guitar, which was cute and had such an intimate feel to it!! I saw her last month too at Banquet Records, an even smaller and simpler little gig with just her and her guitar and about 5 IMG_3143songs, this compared to her longer setlist at KOKO had a different feel, but both were good shows nonetheless! I would definitely recommend seeing her if you like her stuff!! Take a listen to her new album ‘I hope you don’t mind me writing’ (will post link down below). Also, shout out to my girlfriend Abigail for the ticket!



The next gig I attend was THE WEEKND. Now, ladies and gentlemen let me tell you this for nothing, what happened at the gig was so unexpected that I’m still freaking out about it on the inside. THE WEEKND BROUGHT DRAKE OUT. Yes, you are reading right, Drake made a guest appearance. The gig to start with was a shambles, me, Abigail and Amina M turned up late and missed about 5 songs off his setlist, hence why I can’t even comment on the supports because I didn’t even see them. The fact we missed some of his songs was completely made up by bringing drake out, although it was down to us running late
/ acting like we had all the time in the world. The highlight of the concert was definitely the special appearance made. The atmosphere of the room was electric, me and Abigail didn’t even realize it waIMG_3273s Drake for a good 10-20 seconds and she definitely  realized before I did. It was such a nice moment to be apart of, mostly because it was unexpected and everyone in the room was so happy about! Definitely something I won’t forget anytime soon.



when bands put rainbow colours in their lighting my gay little heart lights up

The last concert was The XX and definitely the concert that I was most looking forward too!! I’ve been listening to this band since 2012/13, not day-to-day kind of listen but now and then or if they came on I wouldn’t skip them kinda thing. Kind of like a background band in my life, so when I saw ‘On Hold’ in the charts back in November and news of their new album ‘I See You’ approaching, I HAD to get tickets to see them at Brixton Academy and oh boy, was it a good decision. Now, I’ve got the hand it to the XX, with a few years in the dark and a random comeback, they managed to sell out 7 nights at Brixton and prodIMG_3368uce a decent album (in my opinion ‘I See You’ isn’t their best work but hey ho). Anyway, their stage presence was not tip-top, they didn’t really interact with the crowd, apart from a few rambles Jamie went on about and they were late to start their set, leaving them to run over and cut a few songs short (such as intro, like bro that song is a solid 2 minutes and 8 seconds long and I would’ve sworn to you it only went on for around a minute) BUT, the music itself sounded amazing live and it really touched my heart and filled me with such warmth. I was with Abigail and she definitely saw the psycho side of me in that concert with my terrible singing screaming along to the lyrics. It was such a nice experience to share with her!!


Also, shout out to my Abigail for getting the tickets and going through the stress of siting in waiting rooms to get them. Honestly, it’s so nice that I get to spend time with my girlfriend and my friends at the same time, it’s also lovely to share great experiences like concerts with them both at the same time!! Overall, March has been pretty good so far, apart from A-level stress lols. Will I ever stop complaining? Nah. Also, since Abigail has been the best girlfriend getting these tickets, I’ll give her blog a little shout out, since she’s been doing this way longer than me also. Its ramblesfromabigail.com and you should check it out because it’s the cutest and I adore her writing.




Anywho, here are the links to the latest albums of each act I saw, enjoy!

Lucy Spraggan:’I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing’ https://open.spotify.com/album/5otMKAaRkAAJk1PDcL7R5C

The Weeknd:’Starboy’ https://open.spotify.com/album/09fggMHib4YkOtwQNXEBII

The XX:’I See You’ https://open.spotify.com/album/2PXy9USZAoTSdtrxfkPBnl